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Classic Versus Hybrid Eyelash Extensions. What's the difference?

If you are getting eyelash extensions for the first time, you might be having trouble deciding which lash style is for you. The open eye or doll eye is good for making the eyes pop and look wider, the cat eye is more of a sexy look. Now choosing a style is the first step, deciding on how thick you want your lashes to be is the challenge. Classic eyelash extensions are my favorite to do because they are very natural. They will replace your mascara and provide you with a make-up free make-up look.

Most of my clients prefer this look. They always say they don't want the 'bat look" or to look as if they are going to fly away. Now if we put preference to the side, hybrid lashes are the look you should go for if you are looking for them to appear in photos. The difference classic eyelash extensions and hybrid are that lashes are that they include volume lashes, which are lashes that have more than one lash attached to them. Also, each set is contingent on many real eyelashes you have. If your real eyelashes are thin, hybrid eyelash extensions would be better for you. For my clients that are doing photoshoots and weddings, I highly suggest hybrid eyelash extensions, they photograph better.

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